Gleeful Market

Welcome to Gleeful Market!  Gleeful Gourmets’ goal is to make dinner as easy as possible and I know that no matter how much planning and preparation go into your meals, you can always use an extra hand in the kitchen.  So here in the marketplace you will find products that relate to our site, cooking, and personalizing your kitchen.  New products will be added as we see fit!  Don’t forget to come back soon!

To compliment Gleeful Gourmets’ meals, I am proud to introduce our catered desserts!  No matter occasions you are celebrating, you can always find the perfect dessert at Gleeful Gourmets!

Creamy Cheesecake with Real Fruit ToppingsWelsh Cake V

Meet Our Dessert Expert, El!

Not willing to comprise on flavours, she bakes with passion and dedication so that every dessert coming out from her oven is pure perfection!

El“My name is El. I always envied those who have an artistic streak and wished I was too. Though I may not be able to draw, paint or be crafty I do I have a knack for coming up with creative baking recipes.

Like my good friend Mey I draw from other recipes for inspiration and make it my own. I try to come up with ideas that are unconventional so I love seeing baked goods that you wouldn’t typically see or get in your regular stores. I love all things simple and traditional, but sometimes we all need to try new things in order to excite our palettes.”