This page is dedicated to all of you as a community!   Please feel free to share your thoughts about anything related to the website. Whether you find the information useful; are the content easy to understand or simply how you like it overall. I want to hear about all of it. The more feedback I get the more I can improve the site.

Most importantly please don’t forget to tell me about your cooking journey to quality dinner time once you get a chance to follow the dinner plans.

Thank you and have fun cooking!

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6 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I really enjoyed navigating through your website and learning so much about cooking. I especially loved the sections about Cooking and Kitchen Tips. I find these information very useful as I am not a novice chef.

    Your website exudes happiness, the pictures are mouth watering and the website is very easy to navigate.

    Well done Gleeful Gourmet!

    Le Luong

  2. Having tasted gleeful gourmets dishes first hand I can say the food is delicious! What a wonderful concept to help us moms out there. Great site, excellent recipes!!!

  3. The website is visually eye catching, and the recipes are simple and easy to follow. Having tasted some of the dishes already myself, I’m looking forward to many many more tasty recipes!

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