Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today is a day to celebrate LOVE. Whether it’s your significant other, your mom or dad, your siblings or friends – be grateful for the privilege of loving and being loved.

I know everyone is out planning the perfect romantic dinner.  Instead of going out and trying to beat the crowd, why not consider cooking at home?!  Cooking the dinner is the best gift one can receive.  To help you out, here are some easy meals GG has put together for occasions like this.

Embrace in LOVE; it is good for the heart!

Steak Dinner


Salmon with Creamy Lemon Dill sauce

Salmon with Creamy Lemon Dill sauce

Italian Layered Chicken

Italian Layered Chicken

Phyllo-Wrapped Cod with Cucumber Salsa and Mashed Potatoes

Phyllo-Wrapped Cod with Cucumber Salsa and Mashed Potatoes

Introducing Gleeful Market!


At Gleeful Gourmets my goal is to make dinner as easy as possible and I know that no matter how much planning and preparation go into your meals, you can always use an extra hand in the kitchen.  That’s why Gleeful Market is created!  I will be putting together different rubs and marinates for all sorts of meats in the short future as well as other products that relate to our site, cooking, and personalizing your kitchen. New products will be added as we see fit!

To start the market off, I am excited to introduce our dessert expert, Elisa Heath!  She is a perfectionist who is not willing to comprise on flavours.  She bakes with passion and dedication so that every dessert coming out from her oven is pure perfection!  No matter occasions you are celebrating, you can always find the perfect dessert at Gleeful Gourmets. Check out our Christmas cupcake designs, just in time for the holidays get-togethers!

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Season’s Greeting!

Christmas GG

I would like to wish all our faithful Gleeful Gourmet members and readers a very happy holiday season! May this season bring you much joy and happiness!

Since the official launch in October, Gleeful Gourmets’ user base has grown by leaps and bounds and I am very excited to see our daily page visits record exceed 2,500 views! It’s wonderful to know that everyone finds the mealplans helpful! Thank you for supporting me and making my idea a reality! Gleeful Gourmets wouldn’t exist without all of you!

As our user base grows, so has our own little family. We’ve recently moved into a new home with a larger kitchen which makes testing recipes and hosting future get-togethers a lot easier. However it is currently being renovated which means I am out of a kitchen. The new kitchen won’t be done until late December so during this transition period, there will be no new weekly meal plans for the next two weeks. During this period, you can still access the past meal plans and shopping lists.  Your membership will be extended for an additional FREE MONTH for all the inconvenience this may have caused you! Once again I apologize and I look forward to the new kitchen and resume cooking together soon!

Meanwhile, I will continue to share cooking, shopping and kitchen tips as well as party food ideas via Gleeful Gourmets’ Pinterest and Facebook pages. If you haven’t already followed or liked our pages, now is a great time to start to get even more cooking ideas to try with your family and friends! Just in time for the holiday season!

I look forward to resuming our meal plans in the new year and I hope you are as excited as we are to trying new foods, eating healthy, and spending more quality time with your family… all without the 5pm dinnertime rush!

MOMpreneur Award of Excellence – 2013

mompreneur-awardGleeful Gourmets is a proud nominee of the “MOMpreneur Award of Excellence 2013!” The Top 10 Finalists depend upon your votes! Please take a few minutes to vote for Gleeful Gourmets by clicking the banner and click VOTE NOW! You can vote once a day until January 31. Thank you for your support!

Mom in the kitchen

What inspired you to become a mompreneur?

After a 5 year corporate assignment in Asia got cut short, I came back to Canada with a new phase of my life. My family now included a baby girl, Glee. It was really difficult to focus on job hunting while caring for Glee. It was quite a transition and I became lost. I could return to the financial industry, however thinking back, I remembered how demanding it could be. I used to do 60-80 hours per week as a sales manager and my evenings and weekends were reserved for meetings. Even if I could get my foot back in the door, I wasn’t sure if that same lifestyle would allow me to see Glee very much. I refused to choose between career and family. That’s when I had to take my life into my own hands. I wanted flexibility to spend time with my family, excitement to keep me going each day, and diversity to continually challenge my creative side. So I followed my heart and started Gleeflgourmets.com. The concept is to help busy families with their daily dinner planning. I do their meal plans so they will never have to ask the question, “What’s for dinner?” ever again!

We are different

How is Gleeful Gourmets Different?

Food blogs and recipe sites have exploded since the internet age. There are millions of recipes available at your finger tips. The advantage of recipe sites is that you can search for anything and everything. The only thing is that you have to know what you are looking for to fully take advantage of the search; even then there are too many of the same recipes that you have to sort through. Food blogs on the other hand feature special recipes and it comes with a story which makes them attractive. Most people think it is a weekend thing where they can try the new special recipes. Others who want to use it as a daily dinner source find that most blogs are not frequently updated. Also sometimes the recipes are really complicated, and more often than not the food looks better than it tastes. That’s why Gleeful Gourmets is a little different. We will bring you the best of both worlds with 5 featured meal plans each week that are designed to taste great and easy to make for your family!

Tall Tree

My Biggest Challenge As A MOMpreneur:

The biggest challenge of being a mompreneur is handling every aspect of the business by myself. When things are not going well or as planned, I start doubting the business idea and my own abilities. I feel very lonely and start to think that maybe getting a traditional job is a better idea.

To get out of that negative mode, the trick is to focus on the positives about the business such as my best sales month, highest hit on the site, the positive feedback and comments. I need to dig deep and remind myself as to why I started this business in the first place; to have my freedom and the flexibility to have more time with my loved ones.

I would also call the people who cared and believed in me. Their words of encouragement were like magic because it gave me strength to face the challenges and helped me see the problems a lot smaller. So thank you friends and family for your on-going support! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you all in my life! Thank you for giving me the motivation to carry on though those tough days! Love always!


What Will The Prize Allow My Business To Do?

Meet my editor, Kari Snorek!

Not only is she my editor, she’s one of my greatest friends. Currently she’s been working every week on short deadlines to do all of the editing on GG!

As gleefulgourmets.com is a new concept, it is under marketed. We believe that once this concept is seen and understood by the busy moms and dads, they will appreciate how much time and headaches this will save them. Having said that because they are busy, the marketing has to be very specific so that it will catch their attention. I am confident that the prizes will allow Gleeful Gourmets to properly market ourselves to the right target market.

Hoping that with the right marketing, GG can be come more profitable so Kari can get paid!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Minnie MouseMinnie-O-LanternThis is our first year carving a pumpkin as a family. We ended up with a Minnie-O-Lantern.  We pick Minnie Mouse because Glee will be dressed up as her on Halloween. We got her the Minnie ears during our Disney trip in April. We thought this will be a really great way to remember her first trip to Disney World!

Sharing is Caring!

social mediaWhen you try a recipe on our site and you liked it, please share with your friends and family. Just click the sharing buttons located at the bottom of each page! Gleeful Gourmets is now also on Google+, please share with your circles! Thank you for your continued support!