About Us

Gleeful Gourmets was inspired by my daughter whose name is Glee! After becoming a parent, my life revolved around my child’s routine. I struggled to find time to cook and share wholesome meals with my family each night. I was tired of spending money eating out, or ordering in, and not getting the same nutrients and love as one finds in a good home-cooked meal. When Glee got old enough so that we could have the experience of a family meal together, I became determined to find the time to cook healthy and tasty meals every night.

Both my husband and I are food lovers. So I knew I wanted variety without losing out on the benefits of a balanced meal for my growing child. This meant I constantly needed fresh, new cooking ideas. The good news was that with the internet and all the cookbooks out there, millions of recipes were at my fingertips. The bad news was that there were also millions of recipes to sort through; which takes time. At first I thought food blogs would save me time because of their frequent updates and quality recipes, so I tried following some. I soon found out that I couldn’t count on blogs to make my life easier. You know what I mean: The blogs didn’t add new recipes every day, sometimes the recipes were really complicated, often the food looked better than it tasted.

Family dinner was real quality time and I didn’t want to ruin it with bad food. So I continued to set aside time each day to sort and plan dinner. It paid off and we were able to share our love of food and spend quality time as a family at dinner!

One night, during a particularly easy and delicious dinner it came to me–Why not a website to help others share this feeling? And so Gleeful Gourmets was born. We hope that with a little help in the planning area, you can have the dinner you and your family deserve without the hassle of searching for new recipes and bad cooking experiences!

I can help end the 5 o’clock dinner time panic and guilt! Let Gleeful Gourmets bring to you exciting easy-to-follow weekly recipes, shopping guides and cooking tips, making your dinners the family times you always dreamed of!