Lucky Salad for Pot Luck

When I had a pot luck party to attend I always ended up bringing a salad of some sort.  Apparently I was the only one who cared for salads.  Everyone else preferred meats, pasta and snacks.  If I wasn’t going to bring a salad, there wouldn’t be any.  I loved salads; I felt that a meal wouldn’t be complete without some sort of vegetables or salads.  The great news was that I never had to fight anyone for bringing a salad.  However, it was always a challenge for me because I wanted my salad to be liked and eaten by everyone.  So I  was always on the search for new salad ideas.

When I found this asparagus tomato orzo salad, I thought it was perfect because of the colourful red tomatoes and green asparagus just in time for Christmas!  It is really easy to make and you can make them in advance and chill it!  It will go with pretty much any meat dish!  Instead of bringing frozen pizza or boxed chicken wings, why not bring this lucky salad to your next pot luck?!  I guarantee you that it will get the attention.

[gmc_recipe 3497]

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