Fun is What I am Feeling!

Glee is picking up everything we do now. She once saw Huan twirling his spaghetti with a fork before eating it; from then on, she always tries to twirl anything spaghetti like. So I took this opportunity to give her her own plate of spaghetti for twirling. Boy! Was she ever happy?!

I focused on fun for this meal. We sat at the dinner table twirling spaghetti together. She would start saying, “twirl, twirl, twirl!” as she was twirling. Once she had it on her fork, she would say “I did it!” and we all cheered for her. Then we would say, “yum….yum, yum, yum!” and she would repeat and start eating the spaghetti. She was so happy and absolutely adorable!

Cooking Notes:

  • This meal is extra easy to prepare because you already have your Meat Sauce done from the lasagna meal.
  • If you want it to be healthier, you can replace the spaghetti with whole wheat spaghetti.

[gmc_recipe 3383]

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