Yummy! Tastes like Chicken!

This is another one of Glee’s favourite dishes!  When I saw the recipe, I knew kids would be all over it because it is sweet and the chicken is just so easy to eat.  I was looking for a particular meat dish that was kid-friendly because I wanted to get Glee to eat more meat as she wasn’t eating enough protein when she first started eating real food.  This dinner was a success because she ate the whole drumstick.  I told her that she was eating chicken.  From that day on, all the meats are “Chicken” to her!

Cooking Notes:

  • Salad could be prepared and chilled up to 24 hours in advance.
  • If your family prefers flavoured rice, you can use chicken stock to cook your rice and add whatever herbs you like.  You can also use white rice or whatever your family prefers.

[gmc_recipe 2645]

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