Don’t Under Estimate a Home-Cooked Meal!

Not only is a steak dinner impressive, it is very quick and easy to make!  If you have a date, instead of spending big money at a fancy steak restaurant you could try making this dinner yourself.  Especially for the guys, you will definitely score brownie points with your date!  It is that much more impressive for a guy who knows how to cook!

I remembered the first time my husband (boyfriend back then) surprised me with a home-cooked meal for a date.  It was our fifth or sixth date, instead of him asking me what and where I would like to go for dinner, he told me that he had everything planned.  He told me to come pick him up at his place.  When I got there at 7pm, he said he cooked.  I was really surprised and curious at the same time as he never told me that he could cook.  I sat at his dinner table watching him put this beautiful steak dinner together and secretly thought to myself that he was the one!  So guys!  Don’t under estimate the power of a home-cooked meal!

Cooking Notes:

  • To impress your date, prepare everything in advance and do the actual cooking (which will only take 10-15 minutes) when he/she arrives.
  • When he/she arrives, pop open a bottle of red wine and start cooking while sipping on the glass to show you have everything under control.

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