Are Eggplants for Kids?

I was never a fan of eggplant because when I tried it as a kid, the taste was really strong for me.  This made me stay away from eggplant for a long time.  The one and only one dish I knew was how my mom used to make it.  She would grill it, remove the skin and scrambled it with scallions and seasoning to turn it into a paste like dish.  All the adults loved it, but almost none of the kids would touch it.

What made me change my mine about eggplant was a Mediterranean dip my girlfriend, Elisa introduced me to.  It was a causal lunch get together when I first moved back from Cambodia.  She told me that a new Mediterranean restaurant just opened up near our area and she loved the food there.  We went and she insisted on ordering the dip platter.  She told me that the eggplant was really good and I had to try it!  I thought to myself I would try it but I doubt that I would like it.  But I went with it anyway.  Besides the platter came with three different dips so I was safe.  I wasn’t sure whether it was because I have grown up or the way they cook the eggplant, but the dip was surprisingly good!  I couldn’t believe I would actually like eggplant.  Thanks Elisa for convincing me to give eggplant a second chance!  Otherwise I would miss out on it big time!

I’ve been looking for different eggplant recipes, but didn’t come across too many to choose from.  I find that eggplant is one of the harder vegetables to cook with.  It is hard to come up with something that will go well with it.  This recipe is really good and easy to eat!  Glee loved it so give it a try and let me know what you think!

Cooking Notes:

  • I highly recommend slicing the eggplant, salt it and leave it in your fridge over night!
  • When rolling the eggplant, start with the wider end.  The wider end will hold the stuffing better and as it gets narrow, the roll will showcase the skin by creating a nice pattern to look at.

[gmc_recipe 2253]

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