To Slow-Cook or Not To Slow-Cook?!

For the longest time, I was contemplating on whether I should get a slow-cooker. I heard mixed reviews and the price tag just didn’t seem worth the risks. I held back until last year when I went cross border shopping, I saw one for $29.99(compared to $69.99 and up) from Target so I bought it. It came with a few recipes which I tried and failed miserably. Huan complained about the meat being too dry and the vegetables were too mushy and all the flavours were just not the same. I thought I was just not your slow-cooker kind of girl so I was ready to give up!

However, part of me couldn’t deny that it was quite convenient on those busy days where you need to run around and when you come home at dinner time and your dinner is ready in your slow-cooker. I thought over cooked food is still better than fast food. So I decided to keep the slow-cooker for those days. I decided to spend some time trying out more slow-cooker recipes. I was successful in several occasions with pot roasts. I then realized that the trick to good slow-cooker pot roast is to sear the meat on all sides before you set it up in the cooker. By doing so, you are sealing the meat so that the juice is locked while being slow-cooked. So the meat stays moist. Also, if you are like Huan who likes texture in your meat, just cut down the cook time to avoid over cooking the food. 40 minutes(on low) and 20-30 minutes (on high).

I chose this recipe because it is yummy and so flexible. See cooking tips below!

Cooking Tips:

  • If you have more time, you can do the roast as is and that would take slightly over an hour in the oven.
  • My version was to cut the roast in half, slashing the roasting time in half as well. Also the fact that everyone wants the end piece on a roast, this way all pieces are end pieces.
  • If it is one of those slow-cooker days, what you need to do is to just sear the roast on all sides before putting it into your cooker. High: 3-4 hours Low: 5-6 hours.

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