How to get your Kids to eat?!

I received many comments about kids’ meals. A lot of parents I know are having trouble getting their kids to eat. The general consensus is they wish someone could just tell them what to cook so that their kids would eat. Many suggested I do a kids section with kids’ menu.

I chose not to have a kids section because I personally believe that kids can and will eat anything. The trick is how we adults present the food to them. I try to make all of my dinners kid friendly. Believe it or not, Glee eats most of the food on Gleeful Gourmets. So I thought I shall share our experience with everyone!

Both Huan and I are determined on raising Glee as a non-picky eater, so we worked hard on coming up with food rules at the dinner table. Here’s a few things that work for us:

  1. Try it! – One of our philosophies with food is that Glee has to try it before she decides whether she likes it or not. If she ends up not liking it, we won’t force her to eat it. When we first asked her to try new food, her automatic reaction was “No!” You will get many “No’s” before they will open their mouth, but don’t give up or force it. Instead, eat it yourself and usually that will do the trick because kids just want to eat whatever their parents are eating. If not, just explain that it was really good and you want them to try it and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to eat it.
  2. One thing at a time – The other trick is to introduce only one new thing at a time. As long as Glee recognized most of the things on her dinner plate, she would start eating the food she’s familiar with. After she worked up an appetite, she will try the new thing.
  3. Tell them what they are eating! – We take this opportunity to teach Glee her vegetables and meats. We find that after she learned she was able to tell us more and more of what her likes and dislikes which made it easier and easier for the future.

Last week, my nephew Kyle came to sleepover. I’ve chosen this spaghetti recipe to ensure a successful dinner because I know all kids love pasta for whatever reason. The only thing in this recipe that was new for Glee were the shrimp. Of course both started off with the spaghetti and worked through the shrimps. They loved it and both had seconds!

Maybe I am very lucky as Glee is an adventurous eater, but I believe all kids are curious and love to learn. Food is no exception! So give these tips a try and let me know how they work out for your family!

Cooking Tips:

  • You can use any pasta really. So don’t sweat to get spaghetti, just use whatever you have on hand.
  • If you child is not yet an adventurous eater, I would skip the parsley.
  • Also, if you want it as leftover, store the sauce and pasta separately. When it comes time to reheat, heat up the sauce and pasta then toss.

[gmc_recipe 68]

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