Kitchen Tools

In addition to your knives, pots and pans.  You’ll want to acquire a few other simple tools that will help you prep for a great dinner.  Below is a list I recommend.


These are really useful for handling food when it’s hot.  They are especially useful for BBQ and for serving things like vegetables and salads.  I recommend getting a long and a short one.


Grater are good for grating cheese, making lemon zest or grating fresh nutmeg.  I recommend a box grater and a microplane one.

Salad Spinner 

If you don’t dry your salad after you wash it, water will cling to the leaves and your dressing will be watery.  Spin your salad and you will notice the difference!

Mixing Bowls

The mixing bowls are really useful in the kitchen. You will need them from washing your vegetables, tossing your salad, mixing ingredients to simply using it to catch all your peels, stems and other things you want to discard while working on your prep work. This way you can save time from opening and closing your garbage again and again.

Chopping Boards

For hygienic purposes, I use separate chopping boards for my vegetables and meats. When I prepare vegetables, most of them are for fresh salads and usually there is very little or no cooking at all. Therefore I find it safer to have a wooden chopping board dedicated just for that. I like the plastic chopping board for meats because they are easier to clean.

Measuring Cup

Glass measuring is good for both hot and cold liquids. It also comes in handy for holding the cup of water for deglazing my pans after searing meats and stir-fries. I recommend a cup that holds up to 2 cups of liquid.

Measuring Spoons

I use these to add the exact amount of seasoning and spices. Any set out there with measurements of teaspoons and tablespoons is sufficient. If you like to bake, you might want to get an additional set with measurements of cups.

Strainer & Colander

These are essential for draining things like vegetables and pasta. Also for straining bits and pieces out of the gravy and sauce.

Cooking Utensils

A spatula is very handy to get everything out of the mixing bowl with minimum waste.

I use the wooden spatula for most of my cooking; especially stir-fries. The other reason is because it is safe with any types of pots and pans.

The wooden spoons usually come in a set of 3 with different size handles. They are very useful in the kitchen. I use them to mix anything and everything from salad dressing to marinating meats. I also use them to stir pasta, soups and making sauces.

A slotted spoon have multi-use such as removing solid foods out of braising liquids, separating foods and liquid when making broth and it can also be used as a serving spoon for salads and things.

I like the silicone ones it is heat resistant and you can flip your meats and omelets without scratching your pans.

This comes in very handy for scooping soups and stews.

You need a small whisk to whip up all the yummy sauces.

This is not something you need every day. However, it will save you a lot of time when you want to do mash potatoes.

These will come in handy for can food and opening wine.

Other Supplies:

These are good to have on hand.

  • Cling wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Parchment paper
  • Wax paper
  • Different sizes of ziplock bags
  • Paper towel

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