Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onions are the two most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen.  Not only are they good for your health, they provide a variety of flavours in many dishes and cuisines. There are many ways to prepare them for cooking different dishes which could be confusing. Below is a list of different ways garlic and onions are prepared.  Hopefully with this guide, you will have a better understanding so you can get the most flavour out of them.


Small in size, big in flavour. It contains so much flavour that using it right will make a delicious difference in your cooking. I know it might sound silly, but garlic changes its flavour depending on how it is prepared.

CRUSHCED:This is the easiest and fastest way to prepare garlic. It will take less than a minute and when you roast or fry crushed garlic, you will get a subtle sweet flavour. This is perfect for your pot roasts and topping your braised vegetables.

SLICED: You can slice garlic into a few different forms: Vertically, Horizontally, or into triangles (by cutting on an angle horizontally and alternate). Sliced garlic is best when fried in beef noodles. Triangular ones are good for poking into your meat before roasting. Roasting meat in this way will gently infuse it with mouth-watering flavour.

DICED:  Diced garlic is the most commonly used form of garlic. It could be used for a marinade, stir-fry or cooking herb rice. The garlic is so small that the flavour could be absorbed and bring out the best of other ingredients.


The amazing onion provides layers of flavor, color, and texture to a wide variety of dishes and cuisines. There are three different types of onions: Yellow, Red and white. Yellow Onions are full-flavored and are a reliable standby for cooking almost anything. Yellow onions turn a rich, dark brown when cooked and give French Onion Soup its tangy sweet flavour. Red Onions, with their wonderful color, are a good choice for lots of fresh uses in salads or for grilling, charbroiling, and roasting. White Onions are often used in prepared salads, white sauces, and is the traditional onion for classic Mexican cuisine. They have a golden color and sweet flavor when sautéed. Below is a list of ways an onion can be prepared.

RINGS / HALF RINGS: The rings are good for making onion rings and salad. However, I prefer using half rings for salads because you can pick it up easier with a fork and it still has the nice ring shape to give the salad a little more texture making it more gourmet.

SLICED:When cooking stews and soups, the sliced onions are used as the base to give sweetness to the broth.

DICED: Diced onions are used in many sauce base because they are jam packed with flavours.

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